It must be emphasised that users may experience most, if not all the benefits mentioned, as the list below covers many types of both petrol and diesel engines down to a lawn mower size. The cones are supplied either in a Polypropeline gauze, which then must be placed in the bottom of the tank, or cartridges can be supplied for fitting within the fuel line. The in-line units and tank units last for 400,000 klms or 50,000 Hours in petrol and slightly less in diesel.

A more complete and even combustion — gives more power per unit of fuel. This extra power can be used or saved. If used, the engine performance will be enhanced, using same amount fuel, or if saved, better fuel consumption. Typical savings reported by FUEL CAT users is between 8 to 15%. Due to the more complete combustion, both diesel and petrol engines will run more smoothly. This is one of the first benefits usually noticed by users.

More Power - users will report less gear changes, taking a familiar piece of road or hazard in a higher gear, high speed more easily achieved and maintained. Towing a trailer or caravan is easier in any gear.

Hydrocarbon Additives and Octane boosters - are unnecessary due to a cleaner running engine and the extra power gained by using FUEL CAT. No need to use Super green 98 octane etc, so saving money.

Lower Carbon Monoxide emission - for petrol engines - if the fuel is burnt more efficiently, lower emissions would be expected. Less emissions means less pollution to our environment.

Lower Smoke Particulate-emitted from diesel engines-again beneficial to the environment.

Carbon -in used engines is cleaned from the combustion area including pistons, rings, valves injectors. In new engines, carbon is not allowed to build up. Compression is equalised and optimised.

Carbon -  is also cleaned from the engine breathers and the exhaust system: the latter over a longer period. Better breathing means better maintenance and better fuel economy. Also lower emissions.

Lowest Levels of Carbon- production means cleaner engine oil and better maintained engines. You can see the oil on the dipstick stay cleaner for longer. LESS CARBON, LESS WEAR.

For Engines-used to a high proportion of idling time and older engines-greater freedom given to the operation of the piston rings with lower oil consumption.This could refer specifically to cars that spend a lot of time in congested traffic conditions.

Freedom from a build up of carbon (even the smallest amounts), means better transfer of heat to the cooling system. The carbon does not act as an insulator. Important to lean burn engines.

Due to improved combustion- Generally, within 1500 miles, most users report that the idling speed has increased and needs to be adjusted down. With sophisticated engine management systems, this may be controlled automatically.

Easier Starting - due to the fuel being more ready to combust. Quicker starting means extended battery life.

Diesel knock is reduced in some cases considerably. Injectors stay cleaner for longer as well as improved Mpg and lower smoke emissions.

Unleaded conversion - all lead only engines can be run on unleaded fuel. check the reaction of the engine to see that it is running as normal. In nearly all cases, no ignition retardation is necessary. Only very occasionally will a slight adjustment be necessary.

Catalytic Convertors - due to emissions being reduced before reaching the convertor, the life of the catalyst will last longer.

Turbos run more efficiently and will last longer, due to cleaner exhaust emissions passing through it.

Fuel -  When placed in tank, Fuel Cat will stop fuel degradation, over layoffs and inhibit Bacterial growth

Motorbike Users -benefits include better Mpg, cleaner engine, easier starting, cures most carburation flat spots and eliminates pinking.

Since 1991 many thousands of FUEL CATS have been sold world wide to satisfied customers.

A full 60 day money back guarantee is given with every unit purchased.