What is Fuel Cat?

FUEL CAT is a tin alloy catalyst that acts like a permanent octane booster, a combustion enhancer and combustion chamber carbon deposits cleaner. When the fuel flows through FUEL CAT fuel catalyst, a chemical reaction instantly takes place. The shape, temperature and speed of the burn are transformed, making combustion more complete and even, contributing to greater engine efficiency. FUEL CAT fuel catalyst aids the combustion process by ensuring that fuel is highly uniform, potent, consistent and stable. Just one FUEL CAT is all you need. It is effective for up to 400,000  km.

FUEL CAT removes and further prevents the build up of carbons, gums and waxes. Internally, your engine will be far cleaner and more efficient. It is particularly effective for injector needles, nozzles, valves, piston rings and oil contamination. After the first 2,000 km of using FUEL CAT, the oil in your engine can become particularly dirty as it removes carbon deposits from the engine. All you have to do is change the engine oil, and thereafter it should stay noticeably cleaner for a longer period. By keeping your engine clean, FUEL CAT optimises compression and seals the combustion chambers from the crank case, preventing contamination of the engine oil.