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Computerised Speedo

Some vehicles have onboard computerised systems which will tell you the fuel / Kms useage. If this is the case record the existing data.

Fit the FUEL CAT as either INLINE or INTANK unit.

Fill the tank and reset the computer trip.

Drive as normal over the initial 2 tanks of fuel the system will gradually remove carbons and the performance / economy will be noticeable.

Note: If you drive the vehicle harder than normal you will negate the efficient in favour of torque and acceleration.

Savings will depend on the type of driving you need to compare like for like i.e. town driving before and after and not rural / motorway vis town as the results will not give true indication.

Check the computer data records and based on like for like journies there will be a noticeable difference.

Vehicles without computerised systems.

To ascertain fuel efficiency manufacturers have data but this is collected under optimised conditions. If you need to know the actual fuel usage before fitting the Fuel Cat simply fill the tank, record the speedo or set the odometer to zero. Run on your typical journey usage vis to and from work until you have used say ¾ of a tank. Fill the tank record the mileage / kilometres and the amount of fuel used divide the distance covered by the amount of fuel will give you KMs / Litre or Miles / Litre.

BEFORE  Kms start – Kms finish =  X  Kms / Litre

            Litres USED

Fit the fuel cat to your vehicle ensure the trip is Zeroed and the tank is full. Drive as previously and record the data after at least ¾ of a tank has been used. You should see a difference in

AFTER  Kms start – Kms finish =  X+  Kms / Litre

    Litres USED