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FUEL CAT is a combination of metals, uniquely processed to produce a catalyst, formed into 22mm domes and shaped to assist fuel flow. Tin, which has been known since the 1930’s to have a catalytic effect with fossil fuels is the predominant ingredient. The domes can be inserted into the fuel tank or fuel line of any petrol or diesel engines. The gauze sock with the domes must reach the bottom of the tank.

FUEL CAT also produce a container, which fits in the fuel line. This container consist of, the tin alloy domes as well as a system of magnets. The fuel flows over the domes altering the fuel structure even further to improve fuel/air bonding, which then improves combustion. A single insertion of FUEL CAT is effective for up to 400,000 Kms in petrol and slightly less in diesel.

FUEL CAT stabilises the fuel, making it more amenable to an even and more complete combustion of the fuel, thus contributing to greater engine efficiency. Although the exact mechanism of how FUEL CAT works is not known, it is believed that by altering the shape, temperature and speed of the burn, the fuel is burnt more completely and allows the use of unleaded fuel, where only leaded should be used, safely and without causing any damage to valves  etc, which would normally be associated with the use of unleaded petrol where only leaded should be used. Because of the better utilisation of the fuel, most FUEL CAT users report a fuel saving of between 8/16%, although it will of course vary from vehicle to vehicle.

FUEL CAT removes and prevents the build up of carbons, gums and waxes, and results in a far more internally clean and efficient engine. This applies particularly to injector needles, nozzles, valves, piston rings and oil contamination. The oil can become, after the first 1500 miles, particularly dirty, due to removal of carbon from the engine. At this time the oil should be changed and thereafter should stay noticeably cleaner for longer. FUEL CAT will, by keeping the engine clean, optimise compression and seals the combustion chambers from the crank case, preventing contamination of the engine oil.

All types of engines, including stationary and engines in stop start conditions, benefit, not only in fuel savings, but with less down time, brought about, for the need for frequent de-carbonisation. This maintenance period is therefore greatly extended by the use of FUEL CAT.


FUEL CAT warrant with the purchaser that the use of FUEL CAT in auto or marine engines wholly beneficial and cannot in any way prove harmful to an engine or its fuel system.

This warranty is additional to your statutory rights.


If after 3000 miles or 60 days you are not completely satisfied with any claim made by this product, your money will be refunded in full.